Friday, May 29, 2009

Microsoft's New Bing Search Engine

Microsoft's new search engine is dumping its codename, Kumo, in favor of the brand name Bing. To get the word out, Microsoft is planning a massive advertising campaign to launch its new search brand. Bing's debut will feature a $100 million online, TV, print, and radio advertising campaign, according to AdvertisingAge. To put that number in perspective, Google's entire advertising budget for all of 2008 was $25 million, AdAge says. Microsoft is hoping a major ad push will take a chunk out of Google -- the number one online search brand -- in favor of Bing, the same way Microsoft's laptop hunter ads helped in its fight against Apple.
But Microsoft's ads won't take on Google, Yahoo, or even directly by name. Instead, the Bing ads will try to convince you that by using "today's search engines" you're missing out on all that your search experience could be. To back up this assertion, Microsoft offers some internal data indicating 42 percent of all searches need to be refined after the first query, AdAge reports. Furthermore, Microsoft has found 25 percent of all post-search clicks hit the back button instead of a Website link when looking at a search results page.


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